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What to Expect

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Enrolling your child in Anchor of Hope Ministries, Christian Girl's Home and Academy, is very likely one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do. Do you remember the hopes and dreams you had for your child when they were just a toddler? You wanted so much for them back then, just as you still do now. But something has happened since those early days that were not a part of those hopes and dreams. Somewhere along the way that young child you love and care for so much began to make some unwise choices and began to exhibit academic and spiritual problems that have caused your heart to grieve in sorrow.


Anchor of Hope may seem like the last hope for a change in your child's behavior. Now you have decided to pack up some of their belongings, move them out of your home, and place them in an environment that will be strange to them. This tears at your emotions and, in fact, breaks your heart. Yet, you know down deep that it must be done if you are ever to see the dreams you once dearly held for your child.

Anchor of Hope recognizes how closely each child enrolled corresponds to a story very similar to yours. Each student is a precious child that a father and mother love very much and have taken heart­breaking measures to ensure that your child gets the help she needs. You as parents care enough that you are willing to take drastic measures, and separate yourselves from your child until, she in her heart; feels the same toward her life and future as you do.

More than likely, your child does not like the idea of leaving home any more than you do. They're afraid of leaving the security they have always felt, and they don't look forward to meeting strange people in a place far from home. Nor do they want to leave behind their old friends, daily activities and social encounters. When they arrive at Anchor of Hope, they will soon find that they must follow directions. Your child will learn to obey authority. They may have to wear different clothing than before. Your child will be required to exercise good manners.

This, along with the new environment and atmosphere, will soon begin to change their behavior. They may seem like a different child in a matter of just a few weeks. Your child may appear to be totally changed from that young person that they were before arriving at Anchor of Hope. It is our goal that within just a short time that your child will gain a new vision and goals concerning education and see just how important that they really are. They will begin to see that a close relationship with Christ and a good education can change the way they feel about their future, their family, but mostly themselves.

If you were to come visit them at that time, you would be delighted and probably be satisfied with the hard decision that you had to make when you chose to bring her to Anchor of Hope. And when you make your first visit, you will fully understand this phenomenon. This seems to happen with each family. This is why we are providing you with this short chronicle on the subject.

Parents, by a God-given nature, love their children and want to be near them. It is understand­able that when a parent sees their child for the first time after enrollment, that parent is filled with a tremendous amount of joyful emotion. During the first visit you will be overwhelmed by the changes you might see in your child. They will treat you the way they did as a youngster. You will enjoy talking and spending time with them. You'll be pleased with their appearance and their behavior. You'll think it is like heaven!

Please keep one very important thing in mind at this time. Anchor of Hope can easily change your child's outward appearance in a very short time. We can train them to behave in a proper, acceptable manner. But their heart is something that cannot be changed overnight. If their heart remains unchanged, the outward appearance is not a true reflection of their real self. The Bible says, "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Proverbs 23:7

You may, after visiting your child, assume from their behavior and appearance, some miracle has taken place and they are ready to return home. We are fully aware of the strong desire you have as a parent to have your child back home. We must warn you now: You will want to take them home after the first visit. But please believe us when we say that we'll know when their heart has changed, and we'll tell you when it's time for them to leave us and return to the home in which they long to be. Until then, please do not even discuss the subject with them - it will only make things more difficult than they already are.


Please cooperate with us. If you can't, it would be better not to ask for our help in educating your child. It's very discouraging to see a parent withdraw their child before we have helped them make the real change that is needed in their heart, knowing they will return to the way they were prior to coming here for help. All of our efforts may have been for naught in the areas of education, self-worth, and a personal relationship with God.

In conclusion, we sympathize with your desire to have your child back home soon. You would not be a loving parent if this were not your desire. But, when you come to visit your
child, remember these words and be strong.

You're doing this for your child's sake.

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