The primary purpose of Anchor of Hope is to work with each individual.
It is our goal to provide exceptional academic education, build biblical
Christian character, teach scriptural behavior, and instill biblical instruction
and to provide a place of refuge for children and youth. We strive to help each
child become a God honoring and a parent obeying Christian. It is our desire
for them to achieve a personal walk with God and become a faithful servant of

Our school helps your child to achieve an academic level of skills so that they
may resume their schoolwork at the correct grade level upon returning home,
when possible. This home serves both the student of high academic ability
through an accelerated progression or study, as well as the student of more
modest abilities through a flexible curriculum that allows the time for
mastery of fundamental concepts and skills.

Our sincere desire and goal is to see young ladies obtain salvation through the
Lord Jesus Christ Acts 16:29-31, teach them the Holy Scriptures Psalm
119:11, from the King James Bible, encourage them to sing spiritual psalms
and hymn to the Savior Eph 5:19, be separated from the wicked world
2Cor 6:17 and serve faithfully in the local church and community Heb 10:25.

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